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Vinyl Wall Covering
Acrylic Texture Knock Down 

Acrylic Knock Down
Wall Texture

 Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants
Office buildings high traffic areas.
Where walls are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred

When product dries on the walls it's like having a Iron film
to protect you investment.

Best part ! The in house painters can touch it up with just a
roller and brush.



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  Water Towers
  Light Poles

Industrial Tanks


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High Rises - Factories  - Towers Structural Steel - Water Towers - PipesIndustrial Tanks - Chemical Plants -  Silos -  Flares Thermal & Fire Proof Painting Structural Steel - Light Poles - Epoxy Floors - Water blasting & Industrial Sand Blasters. Manufacturing and Processing Plants.

Chemical  & Industrial Plants Commercial vinyl wall covering,
 & faux painting
, Condominium Complxes -
 Hospitality Painting Hotels. Wood work Hand Rails

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Acrylic Knock Down Wall Texture


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  Odorless  Solvents Free Organic Paints - Ttotally free of all pesticides, herbicides & toxins  See Our Site for     Eco Commercial Painting

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    Don't let natural wildfires threaten your home. 
Preventive measures can be taken, Use a safe flame retardant application!
Our industry has always provided the most reliable, time tested,
and nationally approved chemicals for your home or any construction.
Flame Retardant painting  of your home has saved Lives.
See our 
Fire Retardant Painting  Division